See: Corona’s havoc, corpses in Italy, army called for burial

The number of people who died of corona virus in Italy has also crossed China. On Thursday, 427 people died of corona virus in Italy, taking the total number of deaths to 3405.

See: Corona’s havoc, corpses in Italy, army called for burial

Italy, the favorite destination of tourists around the world, is facing the havoc of the Corona virus today. The city of Venice, called the ‘City of Love’, is deserted today. There is a lock down across the country. There is an atmosphere of weeds everywhere. Not only this, Italy has also left behind China, the stronghold of this disease in the case of deaths from Corona. The condition is that the army has to be called to bury the corpses. (Photo courtesy social media)

Dead bodies were discovered in Bergamo

In Italy, 475 people died on Wednesday, leading to a spate of corpses. In the most affected city, the city of Bergamo, the situation became such that there was a problem in burying the dead bodies of the people. The army was called for this crisis. Dozens of corpses were kept in army vehicles and then taken to other places outside the city for burial.

Italy overtook China

At least 93 people died of Corona virus on Wednesday in Italy’s very wealthy Bergamo city. This series is still going on. On Thursday, 427 people died of corona in Italy. The death toll has risen to 3405. The Mayor of Bergamo, Giorgio Gori, has warned that the exact figure of the deaths may be more because many people have not been investigated at all.

Dead bodies being buried 24 hours

The work of burying corpses in Bergamo is going on 24 hours. Only 25 people can be buried here every day. It is believed that due to this many corpses have been taken out of the city and transported on army trucks to Modena, Aqui Terme, Domodossola, Parma, Pisenza and other cities.

When these dead bodies are burnt, their remains will be brought to Bergamo. The process of burying the dead bodies continues.

The corpses in Italy are so much that their last cremation is not being done. For this reason, they are taken to the cemetery inside the church. Two hospitals are filled with corpses of corpses.

People close to those who have died are being allowed to go, but in very small numbers and from very far distances so that the virus infection does not spread. Mourning messages of 10–10 pages are being given in newspapers.

Lockdown: 10 lakh people party together at social distance

The world is a lockdown. People are doing workouts at home. Playing games. Viewing Web Series Spending time with family. Video chat with friends. Talking on the phone. The new Hobby is developing.

There are many more. But can’t meet anyone. Can’t party In this way, the famous DJ De-Nice of America hosted an Instagram live social distancing party, for which more than 1 million people joined him on Insta and enjoyed the party.

Reportedly, DJ D-Nice hosted an Insta party on Saturday via the Instagram Live feature. He gave his information on Insta. In this, about one and a half million followers joined him and the party enjoyed. DJ, rapper and producer D-Nice’s #ClubQuarantine trended on Twitter on Saturday.

He entertained people from Los Angeles for 9 hours, which began at 5 pm and continued until the next morning.

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