Remove Shortcut Virus from USB | Pendrive | Windows Pc

Shortcut Virus Remover: A lot of people are struggling to remove the shortcut virus from their pc, laptop, USB and pen drive. First, you have to know about What is Shortcut Virus and Why it is dangerous.

remove shortcut virus from usb,pendrive, and pc

What is the Shortcut Virus?

It is a kind of virus that changes your files into the shortcut. it will run in the background and change all the files into shortcuts.

Shortcut Virus Remover Details

Tool NameShortcut Virus Remover
TypeVirus Remover
Works onPC, Pendrive, and Storage Devices

Steps to Remove Shortcut Virus from USB, Pendrive, and Windows PC

Method 1:- Remove Shortcut Virus Using CMD

A lot of tutorials available on the internet for this method. The truth is this method will delete all the shortcut files and recover your hidden files. But It will not delete or remove the virus from PC.

The steps need to de done for this method is,

  1. Open Command Prompt as an administrator
  2. Now type the path of the drive that contains the virus (ex: F:)
  3. Then type ” del *.lnk ” without double quotes in command prompt and hit enter.
  4. Finally type ” attrib -s -r -h *.* /s /d /l ” without double quotes in command prompt and hit enter.

Method 2:- Remove Shortcut Virus Using Antivirus Software

I recommend this method because It will remove the virus completely from your pc. If you don’t get the files after using antivirus programs use method 1 to recover the hidden files.

You can use any of these softwares I have listed out below to remove the virus completely.

best antivirus softwares
  • Windows Defender – Updated (Free)
  • Avast(Free)
  • Kaspersky(Free and Paid)
  • Bitdefender(Free and Paid)
  • Mcafee(Paid)
  • Norton(Paid)

You can use the free version of the above softwares to remove the Virus Completely from your device.

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How to Protect Computer, Pendrive | USB from this type of Virus

To protect the computer from virus attacks must install the antivirus program. There are a lot of companies offering free versions that are enough to protect from many types of viruses.

I have mentioned the best antivirus list above. If you are not willing to install antivirus programs at least update the Microsoft windows defender definitions.

If you plug Pendrive into pc must perform a virus scan before opening the USB. Most of them fail in this step that’s why their pc got affected by viruses and trojans.

Frequently Asked Questions


A lot of questions will arise in your mind when you search about Shortcut Virus so I have created the FAQ section.

How can I remove shortcut virus from USB, Pendrive, pc

1. With the help of Windows Command Prompt ( CMD )
2. With the help of Antivirus Programs and other softwares.

Can Windows Defender Remove Shortcut Virus?

Yes, If the windows defender definitions are updated.

Which Antivirus Removes Shortcut Virus?

1. Kaspersky
2. Bitdefender
3. Norton
4. etc.

How do I convert shortcuts into original?

Once you have removed the shortcut virus then run the below command in CMD to retrieve the original files.

How do I fix shortcuts on a flash drive?

To fix shortcut virus install a good antivirus program into your computer. The antivirus will do the rest.


I hope this article helps you to fix the shortcut virus problem on your pc or Pendrive. Still, if you are facing issue feel free and let me know via comments. I glad to help you. Share this article with your friends to help them protect from viruses.

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