Indian-origin celebrity chef Floyd Kardos dies of Corona virus, party was held in Mumbai this month

Celebrity chef Floyd Kardos of Indian origin died in New York from Corona virus. He went back from Mumbai this month. In Mumbai, he gave a party in which 200 people came. On his way back, he was found positive for Corona.

Indian-origin celebrity chef Floyd Kardos dies of Corona virus, party was held in Mumbai this month

Many big personalities of the world have come under the grip of Corona virus. Celebrity chef Floyd Kardos of Indian origin lost his life due to infection with this dangerous virus. He was 59 years old. Kardos, who lives in New Jersey, was found positive on March 19 with the corona virus. It is a matter of concern that Floyd came to Mumbai this month and also gave a party here. In such a situation, the concern of those who came to that party may also increase. So far in the US, 773 people have died due to corona virus while in India 10 people have died.

200 people reached Mumbai’s party

Floyd has restaurants in New York called Sze Floyd, Bombay Canteen and O Pedro. Floyd also has restaurants in Mumbai and Goa. He had also come to Mumbai in March this year and had given a party here where at least 200 people had come. After returning, Floyd was hospitalized in New York on a viral fever complaint. Later on testing, he was found positive with the corona virus. After this, information about the people who came in contact with them was collected.

Things are bad in New York

So far 54,428 people have been found corona positive in the US and 773 people have lost their lives. The worst situation here is in New York where 26,430 people have been found corona positive while 271 people have died. At the same time, 3,675 people have been found corona positive in New Jersey and 44 people have died. In the US, 197 people died on Tuesday, the highest number of deaths in a single day so far.

America in crisis, ready to start trump business

World Health Organization spokeswoman Margaret Harris indicated on Tuesday that the US could become the next Italy. Margaret was asked if the US could become the next hub of the corona virus, then she said that the speed of cases is increasing in the US. Earlier, President Donald Trump said that he would rethink the policy of social distancing and would soon open the US to business.

Person killed in China by Laughing virus, stirred on social media

A case of death due to hantavirus has now been reported in China. In connection with work, a young man going to Shadong province was found dead in a bus. Let us know what is the virus and why it is dangerous?

On Monday, a person died in China of Yunnan province of the Corona virus with the Hanta virus. The victim was returning by bus to Shandong Province to work. He was found positive with the Hanta virus. 32 other people boarding the bus have also been investigated. There has been a ruckus on social media after the Chinese government newspaper Global Times informed about the incident.

A large number of people are tweeting and fearing that it might become an epidemic like the corona virus. People are saying that if the people of China do not stop eating animals alive then this will continue to happen. Shivam writes, ‘The Chinese people are now working on another epidemic project. This virus is caused by eating mice. In the midst of the ongoing debate on social media, let us know what is the virus and is it as deadly as corona?

Know what is the virus

Experts believe that the Huta virus is not as deadly as the Corona virus. It is spread by human exposure to a rat or squirrel. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, ‘mice in and out of the house are at risk of Huta virus infection. Even if there is a healthy person and they come in contact with the virus, then there is a risk of getting infected.

Although the hanta virus does not pass from one person to another but if a person touches their eyes, nose and mouth after touching the feces, urine etc. of mice then there is an increased risk of getting infected with the hanta virus. A person gets fever, headache, body ache, stomach ache, vomiting, diarrhea etc. when infected with this virus. If the treatment is delayed, the lungs of the infected person also get filled with water, he has trouble breathing.

Laughing virus is deadly?

According to the CDC, the Lanta virus is fatal. The death toll of infected people is 38 percent. This case of Hanta virus has come in China at a time when the whole world is struggling with the epidemic of Corona virus originating from Wuhan. So far 16 thousand 500 people have died due to corona virus. Not only this, 382,824 people of the world have been infected with Corona virus. The prevalence of corona virus can be gauged from the fact that the virus has now spread to 196 countries.

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