Create Bootable Pendrive – Windows CMD | Command Prompt

The bootable Pendrive is used to change the operating system on a computer. If you bought the new pen drive, have to make it a bootable USB using the Windows command prompt (CMD). Otherwise, it cannot be used to change the operating system. This guide will help you to create a bootable Pendrive using Windows CMD ( Command Prompt ).

create bootable pendrive windows command prompt (cmd)

There are many softwares available to make this procedure quite easy. Those are Rufus, Unetbootin, Win 32 disk imager but if you are in the critical situation without an internet connection or necessary softwares then this method will help you.

Note:- Use the commands carefully because you need to “format” the Pendrive to make it bootable. If you choose the wrong disk data loss will occur.

The meaning of bootable USB or Pendrive is ” Standalone Storage which can boot up the computer”.

You can able to create a bootable USB or Pendrive using command prompt on Windows Vista and greater versions (7,8, and 10).

Note:- If you are looking to create the bootable disk for Windows XP or Linux, find out the tools made for that. This method will not work for Windows XP and Linux OS.

Steps to Create Bootable USB or Pendrive Using Windows CMD | Command Prompt

Windows command prompt is an inbuilt software available on Windows operating systems. Okay, let’s move to the main part of the article.

Note:- The commands need to be typed without double quotes(“).

1. Connect your Pendrive and Open Command Prompt ( CMD ) as an administrator. ( It’s important to open cmd as an administrator because you are going to do change something which requires admin privileges ).

2. To open the command prompt with administrator privilege, Open start menu->search “cmd”->right click command prompt and click run as administrator.

3. Type “diskpart” and enter. It will enter into the inbuilt Windows disk utility which is used to make changes in storage devices.

4. Type “list disk” and enter. It will list out all the disks available on your computer.

5. To select the Pendrive type “select disk (disk number)” and press enter. In this example, my Pendrive is disk 2 so I have to type “select disk 2”.

6. Type “clean” and enter. It will erase all the data available on the Pendrive.

7. Then type “create partition primary” and enter to create the Pendrive partition as primary.

8. Now type “select partition 1” and enter. This will select the partition which we have just created.

9. To format the Pendrive type ” format=fs NTFS quick” and enter. The Windows default file system for storage is NTFS. This command will perform a quick format and change the Pendrive file system to “NTFS”.

10. Type “active” and press enter to mark the partition as active.

11. Type “exit” and enter to exit from the diskpart utility. Finally, close the command prompt.

12. Now just copy the Windows operating system files into Pendrive. You are ready to go. If you have .iso image then use the WinRAR application to extract the files.

13. That’s it, your pen drive is now bootable disk.

How to boot from Bootable Pendrive or USB

You have created the bootable Pendrive with the help of the command prompt. Newbies don’t know “How to boot os from Pendrive”. This section is for those persons. Follow up the steps carefully.

  1. Plug your Pendrive into the computer and turn off your pc.
  2. Most of the computers are using the “F12” or “F8” button as a bootable key.
  3. Turn your pc on and press any one of these keys continuously until it goes to the boot section.

Hope it helps you.


If you face any issues while changing your Pendrive into bootable USB or Pendrive feel free and let me know via the comments section. I am happy to help you. If you think that this article is helpful then share it with your friends via social networks.

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