Trick to bypass Adblock Detection on Any Website – Guide

Are you suffering from ads and looking for the solution to bypass Adblock detection? If yes this article is specially made for you to help.

bypass adblock detection

Before jumping to the article please read this. As a blogger, I am requesting you to disable the Adblock extension on the websites which is showing user-friendly ads because bloggers earn money with the help of advertisements only.

Then a question may arise in your mind that is “Why you are writing an article to Bypass Adblock Detection”?. The answer is, some unprofessional bloggers put a lot of advertisements on their websites. It will hurt the user browser experience

Another problem is some advertisements companies offering unwanted ad types(Popup, Background Click) that hurts browsing experience.

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So You are in the situation to use Adblock on those websites but the issue is those websites are using some javascript to block access to their website if the Adblock is enabled on the user’s browser.

Let me tell you one thing that is No “Undetectable Adblock” is available so you have to use the bypass tricks.

Okay, let see the trick to Bypass Adblock Detection on any website.

Bypass Adblock Using Tamper Monkey

1. Add TamperMonkey Extension on Chrome, Opera, Safari or Add GreaseMonkey Extension on Firefox.

2. Once you have installed the extension then Subscribe Anti-Adblock Killer Script.

anti ablock killer

3. Finally, Install Anti-Adblock Script and relaunch the browser to take effect.

anti adblock killer script

Bypass Adblock Detection – Disable Javascript

Disabling the Javascript will allow you to access the website but I won’t recommend this method because of the below reasons.

If you are going to read the content only then this method won’t cause any problems but If you are going to use any feature that requires Javascript means it will break some functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Bypass Adblock Detection?

To bypass you have to install “Anti-Adblock Killer” Script on TamperMonkey or GreaseMonkey with Adblock Extension( Anti-Adblock List)

Does Anti-Adblock Killer work on all websites?

It will work on 99% of websites. I request you to give a try.


The trick works on chrome, safari, opera, and firefox with Adblock, Adblock Plus, and uBlock Origin extensions. I hope this article helps you to Bypass Adblock Detection on any website. If you have any queries regarding these tricks please let me know via comments. I glad to help you. Share this article with your friends and family to help them.

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